Computer Services

Computer makers

  • Reliable Diagnostics

    At Lessor's we diagnose problems and move on directly to the solution. Hardware, Software, Security, Virus, or Browser Problems. We can get things running correctly. You will always get a professional tech working on your computer….You can count on it!
  • Troubleshooting and Repair

    We can fix all name brand computers and clone PC’s. This includes all versions of Microsoft Windows, and all internal hardware such Main Boards, Cards, Hard Drives, and Peripherals. Lessor's has over 18yrs experience to better solve problems.
  • Virus, Worm, and Trojan Removal

    We can repair all infections and attacks on your computer no matter how severe. Don’t let anyone tell you that a computer must be reloaded to correct problems before they look at it and diagnose the actual problem. Call us before reloading!
  • Internet Explorer Problems

     If you have been experiencing unusual browser problems such as inability to reach pages, random lockups, or adult content that you never asked for. You may be suffering from hidden browser elements that have buried themselves in your computer. We can solve all browser problems.
  • System Performance

     Before you buy a new computer let Lessor's optimize all Windows system files and fix the problems that are possibly degrading your system speed. Some computers with system or registry problems will start to become incredibly slow.
  • System Upgrades

    Don’t buy a new computer if it only needs a few components. Maybe you simply need some more Memory, or a larger Hard Drive. Lessor's can upgrade your computer and give you some more power!
  • Home Network Installation

     Lessor's has been networking computers and servers since 1992, all of our technicians are experienced professionals, so you can count on the job being done right. Lessor's can setup your: Wireless Home or Business Network, Shared Printers, Shared Internet, Dedicated Servers, Secure Firewalls, VPN Flex Work from home solutions.
  • Windows and Internet Training

     If you would like to become more comfortable with the computer and want to maximize its full power, then let an Lessor's trainer guide you through using your computer or the Internet. Maybe you run a home business and need to do research and access data quickly. We can show you all of the tricks of the trade.